Future announcements of Azure Stack

During the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 Toronto, Microsoft has announced that Azure Stack halfway 2017 comes from beta. The surprise was for me personally it would be available exclusively to specific hardware HPE, Dell Lenovo. Standard installed out of the box so to speak.

Recently I came across this interview met Mark Jewett (director of product marketing for Cloud Platforms) against. In it, he announces that the analysis that the Azure Stack will be available exclusively as an appliance is not correct. In the first instance, this is the case, but at a later stage it will also be possible to install it on your own hardware.

These developments I will definitely continue to follow! In terms of development, stability and support I get the choice of a very good appliance. For customers, this can in my view make the threshold higher to move because there is need to invest in special equipment while there may be some hardware can be recycled.

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